Linus Thinline Les Paul

December 2010

What would all the trials and tribulations put in the building of an instrument be worth if one wasn’t rewarded with the music played on it? Probably nothing.

Or the other way round: What is an artist without a good equipment?

These questions led me to this project.


Attending a concert a year and a half ago it came to my mind to build an instrument for the musician on stage. After a conversation with him a few weeks ago I got his OK and can now start the job. There are no conditions so I can do whatever I want.


As far as model and construction are concerned I’ll always stick to tradition. Any modifications are meant to support playability as well as aesthetics.

Of course I’m planning to do some experiments as it is not to be a pure copy but a new instrument for itself. The result cannot be prejudiced exactly, alternations may have negative results on the finished instrument.

I want to take that risk, regarding the whole matter more as a fun thing than a real job.


If the finished instrument will meet my expectations or those of ist future owner? These questions will not be answered before the end.

This documentation may  reduce time until then. I started building in December 2010 and expect to be finished in autumn 2011. All those interested and curious may follow the building steps.


Who this guitar is built for will be kept as a secret – might lead to a funny and interesting story at the end of the project.