Top & Back

Top and back are prepared before glueing. Cavities were made in the centre part and these are also adjusted on the inner sides of the top and the back. Techniques used are the same as on a jazz guitar top.

From an economic point of view one should not construct so costly. Noone would be willing to pay time and work put in that job. But love and passion justify the effort.


First I work on the outer sides using contour lines. On the inner sides the top and the back are carved completely by hand. I make use of planes, scrapers , sanding paper etc.

On the back part we’ll get quite a deep shaping near the neck and body connection to obtain a better playability of the higher tones. Optically we’ll achieve a very smooth design – just the aestethic look gives me a thrill!


I have routed the pickups together with the middle section to achieve the optimal fit with the sustain block. At the same time I do the neck pocket. The angle is 4.4 degrees. I used a jig I made earlier for this job.

After preparing the inner side of the top the f-holes are routed and then refined by hand.


Meanwhile the back was glued on and shaped with scrapers.

To get a clean body inside one needs some patience, endurance and sensivity. The connections shouldn’t be visible!

Next the holes for the jack and the wires are drilled.

Then I glue the paper with the informations on the guitar into the body. Now we can start on the f-holes.